A Pelvic Floor Surgeon Offering Mesh-Free Prolapse and Incontinence Surgery

At The Pelvic Floor Institute, Dr. Lennox Hoyte and his staff are dedicated and committed to the personalized care of women with all types of pelvic floor disorders. Employing state-of-the-art, evidence-based techniques to perform procedures, Dr. Hoyte specializes in mesh-free pelvic organ prolapse repair and incontinence surgery. If you are a woman with a pelvic prolapse or urine leakage and you do not want any mesh in your surgical repair, call us for an appointment to evaluate your condition and review your personalized, no-mesh surgical treatment options.

Are You A Woman Considering Robotic GYN/Prolapse Surgery?

The Pelvic Floor Institute can help!

Dr. Hoyte is a pioneer and leader in DaVinci robotic surgery for women and has performed over 1900 robotic surgeries for prolapse and gyn problems.

Are You A Woman Experiencing:

Pain or burning during urination?
Recurring Bladder Infections (UTI)?

At PFI, we have helped many women with these symptoms!

Recurrent Miscarriages?

Dr. Hoyte is a recognized expert in robotic gynecologic surgery and has performed 2,000 robotic surgical procedures. In fact, he was one of the first pelvic floor surgeons to pioneer the use of the da Vinci robot for prolapse repair. In response to women who experience recurrent pregnancy loss because of premature cervical dilation, he developed a novel robotic technique for placing the Transabdominal Cerclage (TAC). This technique has helped more than 50 women carry pregnancies to successful deliveries. Dr. Hoyte was the first surgeon in Tampa Bay to use the da Vinci surgical system to place a transabdominal cervical cerclage at Tampa General Hospital.

Caring for the Growing Needs of Our Community

If you are suffering from pelvic organ prolapse, urinary or fecal incontinence, bladder and/or bowel control problems, surgical complications, or pelvic floor dysfunction, Dr. Hoyte at The Pelvic Floor Institute can help. We have a caring, accomplished, and capable team of pelvic floor specialists who are devoted to delivering outstanding outcomes for our patients.

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About Lennox Hoyte, MD, MSEECS

Dr. Hoyte is a Board-Certified, fellowship-trained specialist in Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery (FPMRS) and OB/GYN. He uses his extensive engineering background and training to design patient-specific solutions to their pelvic floor disorders and problems.

Care Philosophy

When you have a medical problem as complex and personal as pelvic floor dysfunction, there is no one as important as you. Our pelvic floor surgeon and specialists provide well-thought out, evidence-based personalized pelvic floor care to our patients.

What patients say...

Our patients experience with our medical centre, here are some of them.

I went to Dr. Hoyte for pelvic pain I had for decades. He was the first doctor to figure out what was going on and how to fix it. During my surgery he actually found a secondary issue that he also repaired. He goes above and beyond to individualize his treatment towards his patients.

From his kind and helpful staff to his relentless pursuit of a remedy for the health needs that brought you in, you will feel assured that you are in the care of a thoughtful, incredibly competent doctor who is committed to resolving your concerns.

I can’t say enough about Dr Hoyt! In addition to being a terrific surgeon, he is a kind and gentle man with a terrific sense of humor and quite a collection of bow ties! I would highly recommend Dr Hoyt to anyone in need of this kind of surgery!

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