In the know about UTIs

Sep 04, 2020

So how does it start? You wake up one morning and you go to the restroom. Your stomach is a little uneasy, but you notice something is definitely wrong when you sit down to pee. Maybe it’s burning or a strong smell, but you know that your body is sending a cry for help. So 

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What about FMLA?

Aug 07, 2020

So I hear you’re having surgery? That’s wonderful. Getting on the schedule is a strong step toward recovering your quality of life, and we’re glad you’ve chosen to trust us in this process. But what if you work? You can’t just disappear from work from several weeks to recover with notifying your work and getting 

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Medical Records

Jul 03, 2020

So you’ve gotten the appointment with the doctor. He’s not the first physician you’ve seen about this same problem. Now he has asked you to obtain records from a previous doctor. Generally speaking, you probably fall into one of two camps: You’ve had to request records before and you know how to do it, or 

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What on Earth is HIPAA Title II?

Jun 05, 2020

HIPAA stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. This piece of legislation is aimed at simplifying and standardizing health insurance transfer and coverage for Americans. It is a huge document and therefore somewhat difficult to understand. When you come into our office, you are asked to sign a notice indicating that you are 

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Did someone say ‘Ultrasound’? (PFI Testing)

Jun 05, 2020

So you’ve been scheduled for an ultrasound? Or, maybe the doctor has recommended you come in for an ultrasound and you have questions before you schedule? Regardless of your status on our calendar, it’s good you’re here. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and sit down. Let’s go over some of the questions you 

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Late Cancel/No Show Policy

Jun 02, 2020

Our goal at PFI is to provide you with excellent and seamless care. Part of that effort is keeping the clinic day moving along smoothly. In that regard, we need your help to guarantee as smooth a clinic day as possible. If you are unable to keep your appointment, please notify us no later than 

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Patient Deportment Policy

May 19, 2020

As a patient of PFI, I will receive compassionate, high-quality health care. In consideration of this as a patient I will deport myself in a civil manner, i.e. I will not raise my voice at staff or other patients or consultants, use foul language or in any other way be abusive, physically, verbally or otherwise. 

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Pre-surgical Clearances: a How-to

May 01, 2020

So you’ve got to get a pre-surgical clearance? Not a problem. Hi! I’m the PFI Blog, and I’m here to help you figure out where to go and who to see. Let’s get started. Step one: If you need a clearance, the doctor or nurse will notify you, either during your appointment or in a 

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Service Animal Policy

Apr 07, 2020

If you use a Service Animal (SA), PFI will do all we can to accommodate you and your SA. Please make sure that you indicate at the time of scheduling that you will be using your Service Animal on the day of your appointment. We may need to rearrange waiting room furniture or make other 

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What to expect when you’re expecting (to have surgery)

Apr 03, 2020

Having surgery is no joke. And getting all of your appointments and approvals and authorizations and check-ups can be more than a little nuts-making. Of course, we want to simplify this process for you as much as we can, but here’s the catch: you’re more than a number to us. You’re a real woman with 

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