First Appointment Jitters

Oct 04, 2019

You did it!

Go, you!

You’ve got an appointment at PFI! You’ve taken an important first step in your journey back to an acceptable quality of life. And we couldn’t be more glad.

Now, you might be wondering what to expect at that appointment; and you’re certainly entitled to a sneak preview, but please note that each patient’s experience at PFI can vary. In other words, take this with a grain of salt.

Let’s begin.

First of all, when you make your appointment, the receptionist will send you the link to our New Patient Paperwork. The paperwork needs to be completed prior to your appointment. As PFI grows, we strive to optimize the patient experience, including the intake paperwork.

In the meantime, please call the office with any questions about the paperwork. Unless otherwise advised, you should feel free to bring your completed paperwork with you to the appointment. You don’t have to send it in ahead of time.

Once your paperwork is complete, you need only bring it and you. While external records can be helpful, the doctor prefers to develop his own medical opinion of your condition by talking to and examining you.

When you arrive for your appointment, the receptionist will collect your New Patient Packet and give you the check-in paperwork. This set of forms is much shorter than the New Patient paperwork. These will include our various practice policies and our HIPAA compliance. You will be asked to read the forms and sign to acknowledge that you’ve read.

Paperwork completed, you may then sit in the waiting room until the nurse calls you back for your appointment. While you wait, feel free to ask the receptionist for bottled water or snack crackers. The wait can be long, but rest assured that Dr. Hoyte will take as much time with you individually when you get back to the exam room.

So now you’re back behind the tan door with the nurse. As a new patient, you’ll need to be evaluated for your vitals. Once the nurse has measured your blood pressure, weight, height, etc, you and she will discuss what brings you into the clinic.

She will have reviewed your packet briefly, but no amount of paperwork can substitute a conversation with you. She will take notes and prepare the doctor to meet you.

She will guide you to the room where the doctor will see you. Next (and finally), the culmination of your visit: the Doctor will come see you!

At this point, he will want to verify the information the nurse gave. You’ll discuss with him your concern and the complaint that brings you into our office. And this is where you will (hopefully) understand why our wait times can last as long as they sometimes do.

In order to truly understand you and develop an accurate diagnosis, the doctor will spend as much time as necessary talking to you, asking questions and answering any you may have for him.

At this point, it is very important to be prepared. Think in advance about the questions you have about your condition. He’s the best person to ask, and this time is all about you. So ask away!

Once you’re done with your conversation, the Doctor will determine whether you need additional testing. A cystoscopy may be performed at this first visit, but urodynamics and ultrasound will need to be scheduled at a later date when you are ready to check out at the front desk.

If a cystoscopy is necessary, the doctor will alert the nurse and she will prepare you for the test. You can read more about the cystoscopy elsewhere on our blog.

When all the necessary testing is done and you have returned to the exam room, the doctor will discuss the plan of care he has developed for you. At this point, the two of you will collaborate to guarantee that this is the best plan for you.

At this point, the doctor will give you any necessary prescriptions according to your plan of care, and you will be directed to the appropriate desk to schedule future appointments.

And now you’re all set. With your appointments scheduled and your plan of care in place, we hope you have a new sense of confidence. We want to be your ally in regaining the wonderful quality of life you deserve.

Please feel free to contact our office with any questions or concerns. And definitely call sooner rather than later if you have yet to schedule your new patient appointment.

Until then, be well and stay healthy!