Sep 06, 2019

We here at PFI know that some questions can seem so simple that you hesitate to even ask. But no question is too little, and no question is unimportant when it comes to your health. So we’ve put together a collection of Frequently Asked Questions for you to peruse, in case you are hesitant to 

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Happy Anniversary!

Aug 01, 2019

Call it an anniversary or a birthday, but whatever you call it, call it PFI’s third. The Pelvic Floor Institute turns three today! And as year four dawns, we want to take some time to consider what PFI-themed trios we can come up with. Staffers Since just about this time last year, PFI has hired 

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Welcome to the PFI Blog

Jul 05, 2019

Welcome to another PFI blog post. The first PFI blog post, actually. Here at the blog, we get a chance to let our hair down (Dr. Hoyte loves to let his flowing locks fly free) and be a bit more candid with our patients. We are so very grateful for every single one of you, 

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