Patient Deportment Policy

May 19, 2020

As a patient of PFI, I will receive compassionate, high-quality health care. In consideration of this as a patient I will deport myself in a civil manner, i.e. I will not raise my voice at staff or other patients or consultants, use foul language or in any other way be abusive, physically, verbally or otherwise.

Loud, abusive, or threatening language will not be tolerated.

Should an incident occur, I, as a patient of PFI, agree to discuss the incident with administrative staff and participate in a quick and fair resolution and agree to the terms set forth in that resolution.

If there is another incident, I agree that PFI may not be a suitable practice to meet my needs.

And I hereby agree that PFI will provide a reasonable time (no less that 30 days) for me to seek other medical care and treatment. PFI will also provide me a list of other Medical practices available for me to consider in West Florida.

PFI will document and chart my transfer to another provider, will notify me in writing of the termination of my Physician/Provider/patient relationship, and will send me a second notification when my separation period has ended.

If the agreement to separate occurs during my post-operative period, PFI will continue to provide treatment for me for any concerns or complication related to my surgery. No further appointments with PFI and its affiliates will be scheduled for me thereafter.