Welcome to the PFI Blog

Jul 05, 2019

Welcome to another PFI blog post. The first PFI blog post, actually.

Here at the blog, we get a chance to let our hair down (Dr. Hoyte loves to let his flowing locks fly free) and be a bit more candid with our patients. We are so very grateful for every single one of you, and we hope this online resource can be a tool for filling in some of the gaps we may have left in explaining the next steps you will take.

At PFI, we provide a personalized care plan for every patient. Some patients may follow the same general steps, but each one of you is unique, and our care will reflect that. Part of our hope in creating the blog is to explain about certain steps that we may take for granted as having been explained.

Here, you’ll be able to quickly research what “urodynamics testing” is or what to expect at your first post-op appointment. And you should feel free to comment on the blogs and reach out to us all across our social media channels if you see somewhere we can improve or an area we may have missed.

Thank you for trusting us with your care. We are so grateful that you’ve chosen us (or are considering us) to help you get back to living your life. See y’all in the next blog!