Let us help you find the right contraceptive option for you: whether it’s a patch or a pill or even abstinence, we’re prepared to have that conversation with you.​

Do not feel pressured to become sexually active if you do not want to or are not ready. If you are experiencing uncomfortable pressure to have sex against your will, have been forced to have sex against your will, or are in a sexually abusive relationship, please contact the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay online at or by dialing 2-1-1 by phone.

If you choose to be sexually active and would like options for your contraception, we offer the following:​

  • Routine Contraception
    • Oral contraceptives
      • Combined methods (e.g., Yaz, Blisovi, Loestrin, or generic equivalent)
        • Standard (Monthly withdrawal bleeding)
        • Extended (90 days without a period)
        • Continuous (no period)
        • Progestin only (e.g., Jencylca, Norlyda, Errin, or generic equivalent)
    • Transdermal Patches (i.e., Xulane, Twirla, or generic equivalent)
    • Vaginal Rings (i.e., Nuvaring/Eloring, Annovera, or generic equivalent)
  • Long Acting Reversible Contraception
    • Intrauterine Devices or IUD
      • Hormonal levonorgestrel (LNG) IUD (e.g., Mirena, Kyleena, Jaydess)
      • Non-hormonal Copper IUD (i.e. Paraguard)
  • Long Acting Irreversible Contraception
    • Depo Medroxyprogesterone Acetate injection (aka DMPA or “Depo shot”)
  • Emergency Contraception
    • Single use “Morning after pill” (e.g., Ulipristal acetate, LNG, Mifepristone)
    • Copper IUD (Paraguard)