Feeling Unwell?

Please call if you develop any of the following within three (3) months of surgery:

Call our office immediately and ask the answering service to connect you to a provider:

  • A temperature greater than 101.5º
  • Vaginal bleeding is more than 1 pad/hour over any
    2-hour period
  • Severe nausea, vomiting
  • Pain which does not get better with narcotic pain medication
  • Any other acute concerns

Typical Post-Op restrictions

Generally, patients should follow the below restrictions for several weeks following surgery (time frame for each is given), but you will be briefed on your individual post-operative restrictions prior to surgery based on your anticipated recovery period:

  • ​Pelvic rest for six (6) weeks
  • No lifting more than five (5) pounds for six (6) weeks
  • No driving for one (1) week or while on narcotic pain medication
  • You may shower, but you may not take baths or otherwise soak for two (2) weeks
  • Keep stool soft for six (6) weeks using over-the-counter Ducosate (Colace), as needed