We haven't always offered general gynecology care at PFI, but there's no time like the present! 

Give our office a call to schedule as soon as possible — if get in your annual visit in before the holidays, you'll have that much less to worry about. And who needs more to worry about at the holidays this year? 

Q: Why do I need an annual visit?

Just like you would count of a store's inventory regularly, you'll want to keep regular tabs on your health to take action if anything seems out of the ordinary. But more than anything, seeing you every year will allow us to share the latest health advice with you. We're all about preventative medicine because aging doesn't have to come with bad health. 

Q: How much does an annual visit cost?

With insurance, your annual visit can cost as little as $0. Most insurances cover preventative medicine at 100%, but to be sure, just give your insurance a call.

Q: Does it matter how soon I get another exam?

You can schedule a well-woman visit in our office 366 days after your last annual visit. At that time, most insurances will consider the appointment "preventative" and will cover at 100%.

Q: What will happen at the annual exam?

At your annual visit at PFI, we will typically check your heart and lungs, give you a pelvic exam, review risk factors for women in your age range, and perform the usual pap smear and breast exam. Of course, you may decline any of these if you feel uncomfortable.